We are delighted that you are considering enrolment at Remarkables Primary School.

There are two important criteria for enrolling:

Enrolment Zone - we have an enrolment zone which is very closely monitored by the Ministry of Education. Please see School Zone Consent Form and FAQs to the right of this page. You would need to be living within this zone on the day your child starts school at RPS and need to remain living within the zone for a reasonable period before any change to an out of zone address would be considered by the Board of Trustees. 

ID - please provide some ID for your child- a NZ birth certificate, NZ passport, Australian passport or any other passport with a NZ student visa or NZ resident visa. 

Provided they meet the above two criteria, your child is guaranteed enrolment at RPS, regardless of our current student roll. You are more than welcome to enrol any time at all in advance although we do prefer at least 6 months notice for class size and staff planning. 

Please complete the Online Form to the right of this page. For families currently living in NZ,  we are happy to post a complete enrolment pack to you or you are welcome to pop in to the school office any day during term time between 9am and 3.30pm. For families currently living outside NZ, we are happy to email an enrolment form to you in the first instance.

If you have any questions about enrolling at RPS, please just ask.

In the meantime, you may like to have a look at our Beginners Guide to RPS which contains lots of useful information.

Aynslee Bell
Enrolments Officer

New Entrant Transition to School

There are three parts to transitioning to Remarkables Primary School: 

  • Little Explorers - These sessions are held on certain afternoons each term from 2.10-2.50pm. When children are 4.5 years old they are welcome to attend these familiarisation sessions with a parent/caregiver. Invitations are emailed to families when dates have been finalised and also published in our weekly newsletter. 
  • Parent Info/Coffee Morning - At the end of the term before students start school there will be a parent information/coffee morning session. Students are welcome to attend another transition visit with all new children starting during the same term. Once the children are settled with a teacher, all the parents have an info session/question time which covers everything from school uniform to assessment to curriculum etc. Invitations are emailed out once the date is confirmed. 
  • Transition to School Visits  - Students are invited to 3x half day transition visits before they turn 5.  Invitations are posted to students with a copy emailed to parents - approximately 4 weeks in advance.