Remarkables Parents Association

Our Mission

To raise funds for the school via various events and promotions.
To promote engagement of the staff, parents and teachers, in consultation with the Board of Trustees and  the local community.
To promote liaison between the staff, parents and classes, engendering a community school feel.
We are a Charitable Association that meets once a month.

Our Aims

Over the past 12 months, we have been instrumental in organising: 
- a skating disco
- a movie night for the children & parents' night out
- a community quiz night
- an aid station at the Queenstown Marathon
- the Christmas Markets.

Over the next 12 months we have many ideas and activities planned, and we would also welcome any suggestions you might have.

One of our main missions is to raise funds for the school which has minimal funding from the Government as it is a relatively new school. The deficit is $34,000 pa. Every year the RPA donates funds to the areas which are deemed to be most critical.

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RPS Community Picnic
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Our Committee

Our current committee is led by:
Julia Bentley – Chairperson
Clare Phillips - Treasurer
Alex Caramello – Secretary

And a number of dedicated committee members who meet attend monthly meetings. There is a minimum requirement of five committee members for these meetings or they cannot be held. 

If you have any questions regarding the RPA, we would all be happy to answer them and you are all welcome to join our meetings, which we have on a regular basis. Please contact the RPA by email -

This year we will try and organise these to be at the FAT.