Board of Trustees

New legislation requires all schools to publish their Charter, Annual Accounts and Annual Plan on their website. Please click on the links to the right to access these.

Annual Accounts Note: the term deposit is tagged for property purposes.

To contact the Board of Trustees, please email
Mrs Vanessa van Uden
Board Chair / Personnel Portfolio
Mr Richard Crouch
Deputy Board Chair / Finance Portfolio

Mrs Jo Wright
Board Member / Finance Portfolio
Mrs Corina Sommerville
Board Member / Community Partnerships Portfolio

Mr Jim Washbrooke
Board Member / Property Portfolio

Mrs Emily Dennison
Board Member  / Health & Safety Portfolio
Mr Robin Bashford
Board Member / Property Portfolio
Mr Craig Erasmus
Board Member / Personnel Portfolio
Mrs Debbie Dickson
Foundation Principal

Mrs Maria Small
Staff Representative / Community Partnerships Portfolio
Ms Aynslee Bell
Board Secretary