Getting To and From School

By Bus

The Ministry of Education bus entitlement applies to Remarkables Primary School. Please refer to the Ministry of Education website,, particularly the School Transport Factsheets, for more information. If you have any queries please contact the Bus Controller, Christine Agnew at
Currently buses service Lake Hayes Estate, Quail Rise and Tucker Beach, Kelvin Heights and Jacks Point.

By Car

Our Parking and Drop Off guide shows the roads and reserve areas around the school where you can and cannot park. School and Council have been concerned that parents are parking on Council reserve where they shouldn't and that our reserve areas will be compromised as a result. Signage will be installed to reinforce this message, but in the meantime a good rule of thumb to remember is once you drive onto a grass berm or any edge of a reserve area, you are parking illegally and could be ticketed.

Please be aware that once signs are installed, Lakes Environmental will be monitoring the reserve and designated no parking areas and vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed. Not only do we want to keep our children safe and our school environment pleasant for everyone, we want to respect the neighbourhood we share with our residents and this includes keeping the reserve areas intact.  Taking care where we park and encouraging others to do the same will benefit the whole school community.  Sometimes parking further away from the school entrance is the best solution and walking the last 5 minutes with your children to school is a safe, social and healthy start to everyone’s day. 

Please see the Parking and Drop Off Map and Where Can You Park guide on the right under the Resources Parking at RPS link.
Kiss n Drop Area
We have had problems with parents double parking in the “kiss n drop” area.  This creates visibility issues and hazards in the very place where children are most vulnerable.  Children can be unpredictable, and there are often younger siblings about who are impossible to see from your vehicle. Please park legally to make it safer for everyone.  
Please note that the left hand side (school side) of the “kiss and drop” area is designated for those parents not leaving their vehicle but simply dropping their children off and driving away immediately.  The right hand (Lake Ave side) of the “kiss and drop” area is for 5 minute parking only.  
Clearway Zone
There is a clearway zone outside the Early Childhood Centre on Lake Avenue.  A “Clearway” means no parking is allowed in this zone during the hours designated on the sign.  In this case, no parking is allowed between 8.15 and 9.15am and 2.30 and 3.30pm Mon to Fri.