Leadership Team

Debbie Dickson: 
Foundation Principal
Helen Reed: 
Deputy Principal   
Kate Tonks: 
Acting Assistant Principal, SENCO and Year 7 Learning Community Leader
Megan Ide-Neill: 
Acting Assistant Principal, Day to Day Management and Year 8 Learning Com Leader  
Stephanie Dolphin: 
Year 1 Learning Community Leader 
Paige Jackson: 
Year 2 Learning Commmunity Leader 
Nikki Langford: 
Year 3 Learning Community Leader
Jenny Browne: 
Year 4 Learning Community Leader
Megan Happl: 
Year 5 Learning Community Leader  
Kirsty Jamieson-Gough: 
Year 6 Learning Community Leader  

Teaching Team

YEAR 1 and 2:
Mrs Bec Heeley: Taumata 1 
Mrs Stephanie Dolphin: Taumata 2
Miss Sarah Willmot: Taumata 3
Miss Kelly Blair: Maternity Leave / Taumata 4
Miss Paige Jackson: Pohatu 2 
Mrs Chris Stevens: Pohatu 3 
Miss Alicia Hebbend: Pohatu 4

YEAR 3 and 4:
Miss Nikki Langford: Wai 3 
Ms Shona MacGibbon: Pohatu 1
Mrs Emma McKinney: Pohatu 1
Mrs Jenny Browne: Wai 1
Miss Brenna Stock: Wai 2 
Mrs Lara Moss: Wai 4
YEAR 5 and 6:
Miss Megan Happl: Whenua 1
Miss Claire Lynn: Whenua 2
Miss Jess Mills: Whenua 3
Mr James Richards: Whenua 4 
Mrs Kirsty Jamieson-Gough: Irirangi 1
Mr Phil Harrison: Irirangi 2
YEAR 7 and 8:
Mr Matt Williams: Ahuwhenua 1
Mrs Nicola Woodcock: Ahuwhenua 2 
Mrs Nerolie Cook: Ahuwhenua 2 
Mr Peter Old: Ahuwhenua 3
Mrs Trudy Boniface: Ahuwhenua 4/Food Tech Specialist
Mrs Maria Small: Ahuwhenua 4
Mrs Alana Egerton: Ahuwhenua 5
Mrs Sarah Washbrooke: Tech Specialist - STEM 

Part-time Teachers

Mrs Cath Hudson: ESOL and ORRS
Mr Alex Moore: PE Specialist
Mrs Angela Thompson: Specialist Release/Library/GATE
Miss Suz Little: Specialist Release & RR
Miss Bex Wills - Maternity Leave - 
Miss Hannah Gardiner - Leave -
Mrs Kathryn McRae - Leave -

Learning Assistants:

Support Staff:

Ms Aynslee Bell: Ldrship PA/BOT Sec/Enrolments 
Mrs Sandra ChallonerDirector of Financial Mgmt
Mrs Louise Kirkwood: Student Accounts & Services
Mrs Amy BarlowDirector of First Impressions
Mrs Tracey PedersenPersonnel/Comm. Liaison
Mr Ken Palmer: Director of Grounds & Maintenance

Media Gallery

Debbie Dickson
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Helen Reed
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Kate Tonks
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Megan Ide-Neill
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Stephanie Dolphin
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Nikki Langford
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Jenny Browne
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Megan Happl
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Kirsty Jamieson-Gough
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Bec Heeley
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Sarah Willmot
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Kelly Blair
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Alicia Hebbend
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Shona MacGibbon
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Emma McKinney
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Lara Moss
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Claire Lynn
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Jess Mills
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Phil Harrison
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Matt Williams
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Nicola Woodcock
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Nerolie Cook
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Peter Old
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Trudy Boniface
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Maria Small
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Sarah Washbrooke
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Cath Hudson
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Alex Moore
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Angela Thompson
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Suz Little
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Bex Wills
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Hannah Gardiner
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Kathryn McRae
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Donna Heal
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Nadine Molloy
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Nikki Jackson
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Jackie Phillips
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Susan Molloy
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Isla Short
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Kat Savage
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Cisca McNay
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Dana Hamilton
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Maxine Blair
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Bailie Downing
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Aynslee Bell
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Sandra Challoner
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Louise Kirkwood
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Amy Barlow
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Tracey Pedersen
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Ken Palmer
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